Sep 17, 2010

hard time

Till now i'm still not getting any job.. really a crazy year for me.. and now i need to end this shit, but it's so hard of getting a job.. please GOD, make my self strong enough to accept what u gave.. would like to get a better life after.. because the responsibility of me and family is big that i need to take care... HOPE EVERYTHING GONNA BE BETTER..

Sep 10, 2010


Wish every one SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI . Maaf zahir & batin.. Have a great Raya ....

Jul 6, 2010

Vans Go Skateboarding Day Event

look out for "wan white" and "wan blue"... hahaha.. same trick, different height... just had fun in singapore.

Jun 10, 2010

Wild in the park ( VOLCOM)

if you guys in the area, drop by for a great contest at the new skatepark MOTION. This is the first round for WITP presented by VOLCOM INDO. it gonna be sick!

Jun 2, 2010

what a life

Hi all. this been a while that i didn't post anything. It because i been through all the harder part off my life. hope soon it will be much better. sorry for not posting anything. peace love to all

Feb 8, 2010

what a monday....?

today make me worried... but still waiting...

Jan 30, 2010

What was on my mind

Hrm... it's been a while i was thinking for it. but it quite hard to get the answer. hope all the things that i always think, will got the answer. than my mind will be clean and clear like a baby.. hehehe.. some how, i need to get more footage for TERRORKOTA and GLAM WHEEL. alsmost forget, footage for NIKE SB also. my last trip to Singapore for 5 days to filming for TERRORKOTA, but it turn to bad trip for filming. it because i got food poisoning for the whole trip. Good to have some one to took care of me while i'm not that well. also the TERRORKOTA FAMILY was been a helpful because of my sick. i will remember all that till end of my life. For my next mission is to make sure i will get all the footage, no matter what.. need to find a better job for a god pay, but that i want still skate.. I will try to change that. There are some other thing that will make me feel happy. but the sad things is.. it need to drive me hundred of kilometer... HOPE some of the things in my mind will recover..

Jan 28, 2010

Get your MOTION skateboard now !

Get the board now. it's only RM 160.00 + Griptape. You guys can get it from Me (Riyaz), Hairul Zain or Afad. just email it to (please put your contact detail). Enjoy skating.

Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Wish HAPPY NEW YEAR.. May this coming 2010 will be much more better year.. cheers all...

Dec 3, 2009

Crunchtime x Element "No Street No Art" skateboards

essentially - wheel love skateshop is co-sponsor of the kickflip competition. Cee (the artist) will have the deck with him, we're going to complete it with parts from our shop (together with the Glam sponsored wheels).
we'll open the comp to 30 ppl max. skater who can do most kickflips in a row will win the deck (info on the deck - . the skater then has to thrash that deck in the next coupla days. we'll do a quick little profile on the skater as well for PR purposes. on the 19th, they'll send a picture of the deck and skater, and what its been through for an art exhibition event in Vienna, Austria.

What's happening on the night?

· MC and live stellar performances from Arabyrd, followed by DJ sessions together with Cee (Barefoot dancing on turf grass all night long!)

· Live reggae/ dub performances by Layan Sound System (

· DJ sessions by Irman Hilmi

· Special guests get to go barefoot and leave their footprint on Palate Palette's walls (forever)...followed by a soothing footbath using ULTRA soaps!

· Live art on Palate Palette's Upstairs wall by Barefoot

· Kickflip competition for the best skater of the day

· Funky video projections

· Our infamous fire shows (calling all fire spinners to come and fire jam!)

Freebies and giveaways!

· Barefoot special promo CDs and stickers

· thirtyfour gifts from their latest collection SKIN04 (

· ULTRA products (

· a specially painted skateboard by Crunchtime + Element (the story here: with wheels from Wheel Love (http://WL33.COM)

· Nike goodies

· Palate Palette t-shirts, caps, vouchers and pal cards - all new! (limited to lucky guests)

· FREE FLOW for early birds!

Nov 20, 2009

wenesday night

This is was on wednesday night.. it's all because Haizan, Iwan and Ja invite me to join them for a skate session near by the offc.. and it turn up make me feel so sore both of my leg.. hahaha.. but it was fun, coz the guard seam so cool to us that night... hahaha.. we was so lucky...

last weekend

Last sunday was a very fun session going out skate filming and some fotoshoot.. it was me, Hairul Zain, Khairil, Fariz, Ben, Afad and Abg Ariff Budiman.. we been out scene 8am in the morning.. it was a long day also because good lighting, skylight in the morning. but around 4.30pm, the rain come down as much as they can... haha... it's because the monsoon time.. always raining most of the time... thanks again to Ariff Budiman, that willing to come down with us for a good Foto.. cheers..

Nov 18, 2009

haha... i was in Wheel Love page...

haha... was cool to drop by at wheel love shop.. plenty of cool shit at the shop... check it out..

Wheel Love & Pink tattoos launch party

Hey boys and girls... let come down to SS15 Subang... there will be a grindbox competition at lorong in front WHEEL LOVE skate shop...

Oct 1, 2009

BHS Presents Triple Play Aidilfitri Edition

come down to BOILER at Hartamas, BHS Presents Triple Play Aidilfitri Edition.. 3rd October 09 from 9.30 onwards with Dj Sando, Dj Hightech & Dj Pipzs and Dj adam N & Bad... Don't forget to come down...

Aug 3, 2009

Session with some skaters at driving range

Last night Boy PJ, call me up after skating at Shah Alam. then he invite me to join these guys go driving range.. it was fun, because everything become so funny...haha...event most of them don't know how to play GOLF... they manage to hit with club throught 100 meters.. haha... should be doing this again for sure... come and join us become crazee....hehe..

Miss the TERRORKOTA family

hahaha... the last time we are together were in GO SKATE DAY in Singapore. hope there will be much fun next time, now days all been busy working, skating for earn some money to travel and filming... the best thing that can do is SKATE.....

Aug 1, 2009

Congrats to ShiftyMag Editor

Yesterday our friend Hasri (chie) and Lydia, already called husband and wife. Hope it will be a great new journey for both of them. May Allah bless both of you....

Jul 21, 2009

Congrats to Aki and Farra

congrats to both of you.. all the best for the new live..

May 15, 2009

Sambai video preview

Congrats to PREDUCE, they are coming out the second video. will be screening at Barsonic (zouk KL) on 29 MAY at 8.00pm. hope everyone can make it to come down to see the preview. also it would be some free stuff will be giving..

Apr 28, 2009

It's only just another day..

Think what should be done for my self. it's always never ending... only Family, Friends,Skateboard and work.. hahhaa... hope there are something new that will cheer up... maybe not only me, it's everyone in this world... once you or me are happy.... that a good sign... hahahaha..

Apr 27, 2009

Radio Active gap challange

Congrats to Nasri Lian (Krookz rider). he has won first place. The fomat was game of skate at the gap. It was a great comp... to all skater that came down to join and support.... you guys cool... This is the Result 1st - Nasri Lian 2nd - Usher (Mohd Fikri) 3rd - Aril (Penang) 4th - Adam Kepong..

Apr 13, 2009


For those winner from the selection for AXG 2009 in Shanghai... also to my friends Mohd Fikri (usher) and Adam Zari (adam kepong). cheers up for them because they will represent for Malaysia... Proud of Malaysian... They will fly out this coming 28 April 2009. All the best for all of them.. Make us Proud...!

Mar 25, 2009

ShiftyMag Sneak Preview

Yeah. the new skate mag will out soon in town. so it's gonna be great night ever. Drop by to Cloth n Clef this 1st April 2009, 8pm onward... it's gonna be sick.! let's party..

Mar 19, 2009

New clip by Point8Cam

New clip is up on "Super Sunday" it's a fun clip for all of you to watch it. you also can just click at here to watch. so sit down and chill. Double thumb up for Point8Cam.

Mar 18, 2009


Al Fatihah to Eddy Billabong father. He pass away yesterday afternoon around 3 pm at Sungai Buloh Hospital.